Restaurant & Bar


Our restaurant and bar is open air, looking out onto tropical gardens, and open from 7:30 am until 9:30 pm. Our food is made to order, not pre-made, and our fast and friendly service is renowned. The Gilded Iguana Restaurant was recently voted the best Seafood and “overall value” restaurant in Nosara by readerʼs of the Del Sol Magazine, a Samara, Carillo and Nosara area magazine.

Click here to download our menu (PDF)

With an Environmental Conscience

We separate all recyclables and food waste, compost all organics and have a small herb and vegetable garden. We buy organic and local farm raised meats, fresh wild fish and seafood and use biodegradable take away containers. We no longer buy bottled water in attempt to cut down on waste. We offer fresh cold tap water, and have stainless steel water canisters for sale as souvenirs. We use no artificial enhancers or MSG, and all of our menu items are made in house with real, whole foods.

Tipping In Costa Rica

10% tip is included in most restaurants that comply with the law, check to see if it is, and ask if you’re not sure. If the service is good, feel free to tip as you would at home and leave extra, it is not considered an insult and is in fact greatly appreciated by servers.

Go JuiceDSC_0753

New this year, Go Juice has opened up at our pool bar. Offering delicious and healthy fresh pressed juices and smoothies as well as iced coffees, brewed herbal iced teas, homemade ceviche and more! Come check out our great new healthy option!

Live Music

The Gilded Iguana has been a supporter of live music in Nosara for longer than people can remember. We usually have a big crowd for our Tuesday Night Music Night and a smaller more intimate crowd for Friday nights. Be sure to make reservations for either night especially during peak season. We have a slightly smaller menu on offer for these nights as crowds can become more than our kitchen can handle and we like to be able to make sure food still arrives in a timely manner. If you happen to visit us on one of these nights, be sure to stop by again to sample some of the dishes you might have missed out on.